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Five(ish) years ago, a deadly pandemic swept across the planet, causing chaos, panic and a dramatic shift to forced introversion. Watching five minutes of any news program was the equivalent of giving way too much coffee to an overly anxious OSHA inspector- who was to blame? How long has this really been going on? How much money can we demand for this injustice? People are dying! What are we doing to prevent this?

Sometimes I feel guilty for being so immensely grateful for the COVID pandemic. I know that it was horrible and scary and affected just about everyone in some way. For me, at that point in time, I was desperately in need of some forced introversion. I was trying to hold things together for everyone in my life, and whether I realized it or not, the dominoes had already started falling. 

 Among other very important realizations (which I will write about later) was that I wasn’t certain of exactly who I was, what I was into, and how I fit into the world. Rediscovering this has been a slow process, and not always an easy one. But hopefully creating this domain of wyng will help with that process, and remind me of everything I’ve learned. 


Above: Lola, 2006 – 2022
My trusty companion throughout the COVID years.